With property development at the heart of what we do, we integrate our unique and specialized experience into our projects. Our properties provide community enhancement through thoughtful design and focus on placemaking. We work with clients, such as municipalities or master developers, to incorporate these important elements into their community plans, and development and marketing strategies.

The place is at the centre of our project development, activation and property programming. We don’t ask how our project will fit the existing neighbourhood – our goal is to improve and enhance the neighbourhoods in which we operate. This is achieved, not just through thoughtful architecture, but through public space integration; use programming and tenant mix; accessibility and comfort; and the sociability the place will provide.

We strive to create environments that provide experiences and host community interactions, as a hub of arts, culture, connectivity, and an supporter and incubator for local business.

Public markets, and more recently food halls, have been anchors in so many communities, for a very long time.

  • new market viability study
  • location search and viability
  • market design, tenant merchandising
  • leasing and tenant placement
  • market management and programming
  • property development
  • project financing and partnerships

Our ability to pivot and adapt our business models to meet government objectives has provided the opportunity for very successful private/public partnerships. Our close attention to the needs of the community, and our willingness to structure deals in ways that ensure mutual benefit, provide a natural dialogue with governments and local first nations.

Through partnerships with various levels of government, government organizations, and first nations communities, we have been able to achieve our placemaking objectives, and successfully communities. These partnerships also ensures our properties and the businesses we host will be woven into the cultural and economic fabrics of the neighborhoods in which we operate.

Our partnership experience includes the following highlights.

  • property concept development for civic land
  • viability studies for local municipalities
  • land development partnerships with First Nations  
  • employment programs with First Nations
  • public realm design and construction
  • public space programming and activation
  • visitor information servicing
  • tourism organization for destination marketing
  • event production and communication strategy
  • historic preservation plans
  • public art consultation

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