Quay Property Management Corp. (“QPM”) is a property development and management company, with 35 years experience in the real estate industry. QPM manages our privately owned assets, public companies, and also provides services to clients and partners looking for specialized real estate and services, tailored to specific projects or opportunities. With teams dedicated to full-service property management, resort management, business development, marketing, a division for public companies, construction affiliate, and facilities maintenance, our properties are managed with the highest standards, and our clients and
partners are served with dedicated attention. Our diverse history has provided a strong foundation based on international experience in land development and asset management, specializing in leisure and entertainment properties, tourist destinations, and place making.

In over 35 years of business the following list highlights our past business portfolio.

• Retail property design, construction and management
• Resort development, management and revitalization
• Coliseum design, construction and management
• Residential community development
• Luxury residential property development and management
• Entertainment booking for regional attractions internationally
• Ownership and management of professional sport franchises
• Restaurant and night club design, construction and management
• Event planning and public relations management
• Commercial and retail property management

Employing a true entrepreneurial spirit, our team at QPM can create value in almost any real estate venture, and is always looking for new opportunity.

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