Over thirty-five years of excellence in commercial property development, management and real estate consulting services.



Quay Property Management (QPM) is a property development and management company, with thirty-five years experience in the real estate industry. QPM manages our private assets and public companies and provides services to our clients and partners looking for specialized real estate services, tailored to specific projects.


With teams dedicated to full-service property management, resort management, business development and marketing, a division for public companies, construction affiliate, and facilities maintenance, our properties are managed with the highest standards, and our clients and partners are served with dedicated attention. 


Our diverse history has provided a strong foundation based on international experience in land development and asset management, specializing in leisure and entertainment properties, tourist destinations, and place making. In over 35 years of business the following list highlights our past business portfolio.

  • Retail property design, construction and management
  • Resort development, management and revitalization
  • Coliseum design, construction and management
  • Residential community development
  • Luxury residential property development and management
  • Entertainment booking for regional attractions internationally
  • Ownership and management of professional sport franchises
  • Restaurant and night club design, construction and management
  • Event planning and public relations management
  • Commercial and retail property management

Property Management

Our property management department is dedicated to providing the best service, to ensure their real estate investment is maintained and efficiently managed to the highest standard. With an emphasis on communication and fiscally responsible management practices, property owners trust our team with their asset.

Property Development

Specializing locally in retail market and commercial developments, QPM works with master developers or municipalities to develop a plan for unique retail market properties to add elements of culture and community engagement to a new developments, area revitalization, or urban planning.

QPM's international real estate development portfolio had included retail public markets, mixed-use commercial developments, restaurants and bars, entertainment centres, sports coliseums and multi-family residential communities.

Retail Markets

The vision of our market properties is to provide truly unique retail market experience, as a destination gathering place, and active partner within the community. Enhancing the culture of the community through place making, and blurring the lines of public amenity and private enterprise, is the goal of our retail market properties.

Our flagship retail market property, Lonsdale Quay Market, is located on the waterfront in North Vancouver, BC. QPM has held ownership of Lonsdale Quay Market since it was founded in 1985 for the construction and ongoing management of Lonsdale Quay Market.

Our open-door approach to management encourages tenants to look to us for guidance regarding any issues that may arise; communication is key to maintaining strong landlord-tenant relationships that are felt through the property, and echoed on the frontline with all tenant-customer interactions at our properties. Our management maintains a leading edge on current trends in the industry, which aids us in continuing to bring our tenants the best programs, procedures, products and services available.

Maintaining a current understanding of demographics and external forces that may affect our operations is vital to our continued success. Our ongoing community involvement, and structured research and analyses keep our management group informed of changes and opportunities which may affect our businesses and tenants. QPM takes a very proactive approach of intimately understanding the community dynamics where we operate, or propose to operate, to ensure we develop and attain realistic objectives, appropriate for the property.

In addition to Lonsdale Quay Market, QPM also has Tsawwassen Quay Market and Nanaimo Quay Market, located at the respective BC Ferries terminals, and Victoria Public Market at the Hudson, in downtown Victoria.

Lonsdale Quay Market
  • Over 80 market tenants, in more than 45,000 square feet
  • Two-storey, 70 room boutique hotel, in over 50,000 square feet
  • Community events and festivals throughout the year
  • Vibrant atmosphere, creates local gathering destination
  • Recipient of several industry awards, including:
  • ICSC Community Relations Award (three-time recipient)
  • BCSCA Best Community Marketing Award
  • BCSCA Best Neighbourhood Operations Award

Tsawwassen Quay Market
  • Over 25 market tenants, in more than 12,000 square feet
  • Over 6,000 square feet of public amenity and common space
  • Seasonal entertainment, artisans and crafters

Nanaimo Quay Market
  • 12 permanent market tenants, in more than 6,500 square feet
  • Over 2,500 square feet of public amenity and common space
  • Seasonal entertainment, artisans and crafters
    LEED Silver standard building

Victoria Public Market
  • 11 permanent market tenants, in more than 13,000 square feet
  • Vibrant day vendor program, featuring farmers, crafters and artisans
  • Community Kitchen for events, education and community resources
  • Over 2,500 square feet of public amenity and common space
  • After-hours event venue rentals, accommodating up to 500 people

Resort Properties

Hudson Bay Mountain Resort, located in Smithers, BC, is undergoing transformation of the existing ski area, into a multi-season regional ski resort, both in terms of the mountain facilities (ski lifts, ski runs), and base area development (commercial, retail and residential opportunities). Hudson Bay Mountain will be developing an initial $6 million of real estate as part of its master plan, including the construction of 56 single family residential lots, 77 townhomes and 107 condominiums. Construction of single-family residential lots is underway, as well as plans for a new boutique hotel and spa.

Project Highlights:
  • Over 116 hectares of skiable terrain, with over 36 ski trails, serviced by 4 lifts
  • Development Phase 1, with 43 ski-in/ski-out lots, currently being marketed
  • Innovative partnership with local First Nations groups for development and job opportunities

The Shipyards

The Shipyards, located on the Lower Lonsdale waterfront in North Vancouver, is a unique event venue managed by Quay Property Management. We were proud to be selected by the City of North Vancouver to manage this restored heritage building.

Click here for venue information, or email pipeshop@quayproperty.net for booking inquiries.

Public Companies

The public company department at QPM manages administration, accounting and communication for public companies, in varying sectors. Since 1979, QPM has excelled in providing high level of service in all operational functions, to ensure fiscally responsibility and effective communications.

Currently under QPM management are RockBridge Resources Inc. (trading on the TSX.V), and Lotus Ventures Inc. (trading on the CSE).


Business Consulting Services

Community engagement. Public-private partnerships. Area revitalization. Place making. Historic preservation. Social sustainability. Marketing and public relations. Financial planning. Small business incubation.

Our consulting team draws on Quay Property Management’s extensive experience, providing advising services tailored to any specialized real estate property, looking to enhance community and provide small business opportunity, with economically viability.

Marketing & Public Relations

Specializing in retail marketing, event programming, and multi-media planning, QPM's marketing team works within our corporate family to develop and execute detailed, multi-faceted marketing strategies for our companies.

We work with clients and partners to effectively develop and implement marketing plans, and manage public relations.

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